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We help Businesses grow and innovate.

Dilcom IT Solutions (U) Ltd is a technology driven company. We believe in furnishing solutions that are viable today and open for upgrade in future. Our solutions are cost-effective and result oriented

With over 12+ years of Experience

Our expertise and IT offerings in this field has enabled many of our clients to drastically improve their business systems and offerings to their own clients. In next couple of years we target the market segment that is already experienced in using business solutions as well as the niche that is freshly aiming at entering IT usage arena.

We have products coming up keeping both types of clients in mind. Our marketing team now comprises, apart from IT market specialists, very experienced Business Analysts, System Architects, Systems Analysts who would cater for the special needs of experienced or new clients. We resolve to add value to our clients’ business irrespective of their current exposure to IT usage.

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Our Vision

We aim at making our clients’ business IT-enabled, information driven. We look ahead at tangible benefits to be derived by our services. We think in terms of a global IT village where all the participants talk the same language. We, through our clients, should lead the way.

Our Approach

We have a team of Network architects, Computer Engineers, system analysts, project managers, software engineers, network and hardware engineers who can tackle any problem and come up with workable solution.

Resources and our Strengths

Led by a dynamic management team with a wide spectrum of experience, postgraduate qualifications and years of international work experience, we team with you from start to finish of a project. 

Hard ware Support

Hardware maintenance and support services are remedial services that physically repair or optimize hardware, including contract maintenance and per-incident repair.

professional-programmer-working-late-dark-office (1)
Software Installation and Application Development

the act of making the program ready for execution.

Systems integration

Creating a complex information system that may include designing or building a customized architecture or application, integrating it with new or existing hardware, packaged and custom software

Customer support

Customer support is a range of customer services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product.

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IT professionals with graduate degrees and diplomas including post graduate qualifications account for 70% of the total staff.

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