CCTV and Security System Installation

CCTV Services is a full-service security company. We professionally install, service, and maintain everything we install. Our thousands of clients recognize that we are passionate about providing the highest quality systems and unprecedented support, which is what sets us apart drastically in the industry. As specialists in video surveillance systems and technology, our clients rely on our SMART security camera systems to protect their investments.


CCTV Maintenance

We provide regular CCTV servicing & maintenance. Ensuring your CCTV system is fully operational and working 24/7, every day of the year. This guarantees maximum protection for your staff, visitors, premises and ensures you meet all legal, insurance and data protection requirements.

About the products

Affordable CCTV Maintenance

  • CCTV maintenance contracts that are affordable
  • CCTV repairs

Electric razor fencing

We do Ordinary Razor and Electric Fencing.

If you need help in selecting the correct fencing system that will best suit your application you are free to contact our well trained staff to assist you immediately.

About the products

Razor wire is designed with sharp ripper galvanized razor blades and stainless steel.


Access Control and Security

To maximise your security it is essential that you monitor, restrict and record the movement of people or vehicles both in and out of your premises. Installing access control systems allows you to do all of this and more.

About the products

Additionally, you can integrate your access control equipment with all your other components such as your CCTV and Intruder detection sysytems. This allows greater visibility of your premises and increased protection of your staff and visitors. Access can be controlled to premises in a variety of ways and often by layers of perimeter control including;

Brands we carry

About the products

we deal with a wide range of brands for both installation and sales

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Our Additional services

Fire Exinguisher 1
Fire Alarm System
We specializes in the design, installation and project management of Fire Alarm Systems. Design and install your fire alarm system Maintain your fire alarms so they activate when they need to Maintain your fire extinguishers to ensure they work when you need them to
Sale of Branded Equipments
These include: IP Cameras, DVR and NVR Devices, Survilence Hard drives, Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm Systems, Access control Systems and others
Space-W communication company
Whether you are looking to install a cooling unit for the first time or you are looking to replace your old unit, count on Dilcom IT to install your air conditioner precisely!

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